The Political Misanthrope

These days everyone has an opinion and most everyone has a platform to share it.  That’s why Facebook, Twitter and blogging have become so popular.  We all want to be heard.  I want to be heard.

Back in the day, you had to talk to someone in real life to share your opinions.  This generally meant that most people would temper their remarks and hold back the harsh rhetoric.  But America has lost the will to ‘just get along’.  We hold a lot more anger than we ever have.

Politics are in everything now as the Government expands more and more.  You can’t help but be impacted by the Government every day.  So it’s perfectly logical that we all develop opinions depending on our station in life.  With social media, we have the means to spout off without the need for facts, objectivity or civility.

I contend that this social media is why the country is so incredibly divided.  I fully support the right for us to spout off our opinions, but the well that we draw the knowledge from that leads to our opinions is deeply flawed and untrustworthy.

For the record, I hate politics.  I distrust the Federal Government.  I distrust the media.  These entities have HUGE credibility issues these days.  I genuinely do not trust them in even the smallest matters.  And they have earned that.  Washington is a pit of liars and criminals.  It makes no difference which party you support because the money all comes from the same places.

The media is supposed to be a watchdog for the people.  One of their jobs is to check the Government and hold it accountable.  I think it’s very plain to see that those days are LONG gone.  Any objective person who has a slight ability to think for themselves can plainly see the media is at best dishonest and agenda driven…  At worst they are complicit and criminal.

So with all the Internet ‘media’ out there, you can certainly find some data to support your cause and then post it on Facebook.  Nevermind that the data is usually skewed, stretched or downright false.  It supports what we want to say at the moment so we will use it and lazy minded people will accept it as fact.

And we are all lazy minded hypocrites to be sure.  For example, when discussing Apple and Foxconn, someone pointed out that it’s why he uses an Android phone and he built his own computer…  as if his Android phone or the parts for his home made computer weren’t built in a similar factory in Taiwan (maybe even the same factory).  Hypocracy…  Laziness…

Unfortunately I see no end to the division.  This country is in steady decline on so many fronts.  We all need to objectively recognize this and remember the cliche, “united we stand, divided we fall”.  In my lifetime, I do not remember the country being as divided as we are now.  We need a return to civility and an honest effort to understand each other better.  We need to hold the media and the Government accountable.  And finally, as a Christian, I need to pray for the leaders but also remember that America is not my big picture nor is it my final destination.  I am very thankful that God is not an American.