If you bored, come take a gander at some of the Craggy comments about our beloved (or fiercely hated) Crags


This album was a first for me. I’ve never really heard music like this but it made me laugh and then I’d have myself realizing it was stuck in my head later that day. Overall a very fun and lively album, a true dedication to friendship.” – Shawna Sonntag

What are we gonna do about Johnny?” – Don Robinson

From the hard guitar riffs through the techno vibes and into the melodic chanting, this album grabs the listener by the throat and says ‘listen to me again!’ and so you do. It’s a 10/10 for me, especially Johnny Didn’t Have 2. Nostalgia meets rock, I would even say don’t wear your seatbelt and really get into the ride of this musical journey.” – Stacy Burch

The Mark of the John is a charming, catchy testament to inspiring friendship and absurdity. Each song takes you on an adventure with unexpected lyrics and melodies that make you feel both at home and in a fantastical universe, complete with lore and a lovable sidekick: Squibbles the cat, and a nemesis: the Rabid Beagle. The Crag of the Wild Goats is in a unique genre: an 80s synth pop feel with hard rock and metal influences. “Johnny Johnny Smoked Salami” would probably be the hit single, but “Johnny Didn’t Have 2” would be the masterpiece of Crag’s craft.” – Alison Akers

I tried to interview the Crag guys.  But it turned out to be a couple of gassy imposters called Booboo Jenkins and Clovis Jones.  I’m sure the real Crag people are nice though.” – Slagbo Simmons

Isn’t Rick a nice guy?” – Don Robinson

What can I say? Great music, variety of genres, intellectual lyrics, plus amazing subject matter. Whoever this John the Bradbarian is, I wanna be his friend. Go Crags!!!!!” – Johnny Bradshaw

You mean I gotta be nice to Johnny now?” – Don Robinson

Rick the lyricist that can only be understood by the cultic backward masking. Hostile Johnny with a cat, a beagle dog, and a raccoon.” – Steve Bommarito

Mark of the John is an amazing soundscape album chronicling the life and adventures of John, possibly the most interesting man in the world. I don’t know who this John fellow is, but I want to shake his hand. And then wash my hand immediately after.” – Robert Steel

Rarely does an album come along that completely reshapes the face of music as we know it. Pink Floyd‘s The Wall, U2‘s The Joshua Tree, Wham‘s Make it Big… Let me just say, Mark of the John by Crag of the Wild Goats is just such an album. The husky vocals, enchanting melodies, the unforgettable angry raccoons… I have been playing it on repeat for the past month and it has cured my insomnia, my digestion and women are flocking to me like the salmon to Capistrano.” – Billy Vallejo

Hey Johnny, squeeze my hand!” – Don Robinson

I need to listen to The Bradbarian in about an hour when these gummies kick in.” – B. Simon

So much talent, and this guy uses it to write about a horny raccoon and a cat with weapons sewn onto him as legs? And even with those topics, he crafted a work of devastating beauty. I may have to give up writing music—how could I ever top this? Wait. I should use this to inspire me to new heights. Or depths. I am so blown away, I am not sure which way is up. But seriously. What ARE we going to do about Johnny?” – Leroy Jones, of Leroy Jones and The Fabulous Flabbergasters

From the awe-inspiring cover art through the end of Hostile Johnny, The Mark of John grabs the listener like a crazed raccoon grabs a, um, Slim Jim. An example of what can happen when a talented songwriter throws out convention and just goes for it, this is an entertaining, inventive, fearless, and sometimes a little disturbing tribute to a good friend. The songs have gotten stuck in my head, and I like it. Here’s hoping for a Squibbles side project (and merch)!” – Jon Cheatwood

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