Rick Mester - Wallpaper SkyA few years back I wrote and recorded a bunch of songs.  They were happy pop songs for the most part.  I proudly brought them to Sombrance rehearsals thinking that maybe we could incorporate some of them.  However, the guys in the band at that time rejected them as not dark enough for Sombrance.

So I released them as a solo record called Wallpaper Sky (WS).  WS is a pop record with various sounds on it including electronic and acoustic sounds.

I roped a few of my friends like Rob Williams and Jimmy P Brown II into playing parts on songs (thanks guys!)  An interesting note is that Sombrance now plays the song “Elegy” from this record.  My number one iTunes downloaded song from any project I’ve been a part of comes from this record…  It is the first track called “Iliana”.

WS was originally released in 2008.  In 2010, I added two bonus songs that were recorded with the others but not included on the record.  Those two tracks are available only on the CD version of the record.  You can check out the album info below if you wish.  Maybe you can buy a few hundred copies!

RICK MESTER – Wallpaper Sky

Release Date: 2010


Rick Mester – Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Synths, Programming
Rob Williams – Guitars, Bass, Mandolin
Jimmy P Brown II Guitars


  1. Iliana (lyrics)
  2. Waceke (lyrics)
  3. Take Me Home (lyrics)
  4. Resonance (lyrics)
  5. Colours of Life (lyrics)
  6. Elegy (lyrics)
  7. Sarlage (lyrics)
  8. Shooby Shiver (lyrics)
  9. Slow Moan Sunday (CD only bonus track) (lyrics)
  10. Squat and Rub (CD only bonus track) (lyrics)

CDs are available at the Zophim Records CD Store.