I Like Pie

I like pie.  Though I have rarely partaken of it in recent years, it remains a strong food fantasy. 

Fat people like pie more than anyone else in the world.  I know this to be true as my membership in the Fat Man Club has been called into question for my pie devouring reduction recently. I once watched my friend Tom Dockery eat a whole Key Lime Pie.  This is why he was the president of the Fat Man Club.  Now he’s done…  retired… I have sought to follow in his footsteps with a weight loss plan of my own.

But this Thanksgiving week is a reminder and a revival of my love for pie.  This week I will allow myself the pleasure of pie.  Caramel Apple, Pumpkin, Cherry, French Silk…  Thanksgiving with my family is for future fat people as well as future and current diabetics.  I kid…  sort of.

So I am excited about this week.  Just two and a half days to work and then a four and a half day weekend filled with pie! Then next week will bring about the eater’s remorse depression that will result in very crowded gyms.  I will be there!

I hope everyone eats a lot of pie this week!