Crag of the Wild Goats

Hi all,

Lately I have found myself working on music that is quite different than Sombrance and Ishur Ninku. For both of you Sombrance and Ishur fans, don’t worry, I am working on music for those projects as well. With that said, I’d like to apologize in advance and introduce you to a new project called Crag of the Wild Goats.

This project is really something that came about by casting off all the bonds of making a song fit into the appropriate sounds of Sombrance, Ishur Ninku, my solo thing, Elvis impersonators, Dolly Parton tribute bands, or of course, the mighty Cauldron of Puke. This is to say, I just pick up an instrument and record whatever comes out. By the way, I’m not an Elvis impersonator nor am I in a Dolly Parton tribute band (though that would be super cool).

Anyway, the first group of songs to be released by Crag of the Wild Goats will be an EP called “Mark of the John“. This EP is NOT inspired by my great friend Johnny B, but rather his clone (who also happens to be named John). Also, any subliminal conceptions of a goat’s head in the album cover are coincidental.

Crag of the Wild Goats will be a fun, ongoing project that will feature myself and my remarkably talented pal, TJ Burch. TJ plays every instrument he can find and often plays drums and bass at the same time for the worship band at church.

Several songs are already completed and more are on the way. I’ll let you know when the release is headed to the streaming services so you shame yourself and acquire it. Johnny B’s clone will appreciate it.