I am the singer and part time guitarist for Sombrance. I also dabble in writing, photography, and whatever else is interesting at the moment.  I have recorded some music and, in recent years, discovered that I love taking pictures.

I possess a worthless degree (BA in English – with no teaching certificate).  So it’s only logical that I work as an Information Technology Engineer by day. What was that young idealistic college student thinking he was going to do with a writing degree??

A person has to have balance in the compartments of their life.   John Denver sang, “I fiddle when I can and work when I should”.  Although I cannot fiddle, the sentiment resonates within me.  You have to pour some of yourself into your passions and your work.

I am a born again Christian.  I realize that many who may read this will instantly judge me according to their media driven perceptions of Christianity.  But the simple truth is that I believe in Jesus and His sacrifice for my sins.  I am hopelessly lost without Him.  My job is to try to live as He did.  We should learn to love people and accept them.  We should not get caught up in political Christianity.  We have ALL sinned and come up short.  We are ALL judgmental.  We ALL think your sins are worse than our own.  And we all desperately need the love of Jesus to save us.  We cannot add anything to our Salvation through being a good person.  It is only through His grace and mercy so that NONE of us has the high ground to brow beat anyone.  The Holy Spirit’s job is to convict us of our sin.  Our job is to love each other and be instruments of Jesus’ love and grace.  So I am a Christian.  Just maybe not quite the kind you think you know.

Hopefully there are a lot of stories left to talk about, but I just haven’t lived them yet.  Or maybe there’s just one.  You never know.