Band Thanksgiving

Tonight is the annual Sombrance Band Thanksgiving celebration at Fallon’s Pub in St. Louis.  It should not be confused with Random Band Saturday Nights at Fallon’s Pub. 

Gnocchi DiabloTonight there will be feasting upon great Irish cuisine and Guinness.  Fallon’s has an AMAZING dish that you must try if you are in St. Louis…  it’s called Gnocchi Diablo.  Sweet Lord it’s amazing!  It is homemade potato dumplings with Italian sausage and roasted red peppers in a chipotle garlic cream sauce served with a Hawaiian roll or Garlic bread…  Just look at it!

Yes, Sombrance endorses Fallon’s Pub and Gnocchi Diablo!  You must try it.  But Fallon’s also makes killer Bangers and Mash, Guinness Stew, Shepherd’s Pie, Corned Beef…  Man I’m hungry!

So we will be chilling at Band Thanksgiving tonight if anyone feels like coming out at 7 till about midnight!  Discussions will not be limited to the usual things for this evening.  For this event, we make an effort to discuss more topics than music, beer, goats, belly buttons, badgers, or politics.  Tonight there will be a giving of thanks and eating of Gnocchi Diablo.