The Devil’s Unnatural Selection

2015 in St. Louis has seen over 160 murders thus far.  That makes us the most dangerous city in the US per capita.  But there’s an interesting aspect to this.

Every time the police ID the victim and the local media prints it, I go to Missouri Case Net and check the victim out.  The overwhelming majority of the time, the ‘victim’ has a long string of recent criminal arrests.

So a guy gets arrested for armed criminal action in 2014 and is on the street in August 2015 involved in a shooting.  How can someone be convicted and sentenced to five or seven years in the Missouri Department of Corrections but somehow be walking the streets only a year later?

The St. Louis Chief of Police is absolutely right.  It’s the judges.  I no longer feel sorry for the ‘victims’ in these crimes.  In a sense, they are getting what they signed up for.  But a failing justice system is putting them back out where they shouldn’t be.  If these guys were in prison, they wouldn’t be terrorizing others or even getting themselves killed.

These judges should be, no they NEED to be held accountable.  There is a lot of blood on their hands.  How many innocent people are victims to crimes committed by criminals who are supposed to be in prison?

In my estimation there are a couple things that can be done:

1. Vote ‘do not retain’ on every judge at election time.  Throw them out.  They are helping criminals to terrorize you and your community and completely failing in their jobs.
2. Don’t work for the Devil.  His retirement plan and benefits suck.  Look at the lives of these guys…  Year after year they kill each other.  They can look forward to a young death or prison time (if they are lucky).  And Satan sits there laughing at the destruction of lives.  But he is who they serve.

Mankind was not created for war, violence, hatred, killing or destruction.  That all came about when sin entered the picture.  The de-evolution of man began.  It’s not Natural Selection.  It’s Unnatural Selection.  All of this sin and destruction is contrary to our created purpose.  Ironically, if we strive to fulfill our created purpose (even though we exist in a sin filled world), we will shed these behaviors.

What is our created purpose?  I contend that it is to:

  1. Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and mind
  2. Love your neighbor as yourself

As Jesus said, the whole of the Law hangs on these two points.  It’s the real solution.