Stabbing the Fat!

Last night I dreamed that I was working as an undercover spy. My job was to infiltrate this mansion.

I approached the mansion from the pool area in the back. But as soon as I got to the pool this middle aged, fat Italian looking guy came out the patio door shooting at me. I took off running and thought about how that I would probably look like that guy in a few years.

Despite that sad thought, I ran on with all my might. Eventually, I made my way into a residential neighborhood where I knew one of my operatives was positioned. I reached his house and slipped in the patio door.

The operative was a little kid who looked like the Home Alone kid. Yet he acted like a complete adult and sat in a wheelchair. I briefed him… uh briefly on my situation and he took action. He sent me down into the basement.

The fat man must have seen me because he came bounding up to the door. My operative met him there in his wheelchair. I could hear their muffled discussions. I began looking around the basement for a weapon. All I could find was a large screwdriver. I heard some commotion and a loud thump upstairs as my operative’s wheelchair was turned over and he hit the floor. It was only a matter of time before the fat hitman was downstairs with his gun.

I positioned myself beneath the stairs. They were those basement stairs that you could stand underneath and reach between the steps. As the fat man came stomping down those stairs, I crouched as low as I could and waited. When he reached the bottom step, I lunged around and stabbed him right in his fat belly with the screw driver.

He yelled out and dropped the gun. I kicked it away. He stumbled to the ground in pain. Before I could think, my operative was on top of him stabbing him in the stomach repeatedly until there was a six inch wide, deep wound. Yet the man remained alive. Clearly my operative was not handicapped. He tied the fat man to a chair and planned to let him bleed out.

The alarm went off and real life returned.

Real life…  

So last week I met with a nutritionist to adjust my diet.  Last night I had my first training session with a personal trainer.  He did the evaluation and took all my measurements.  Turns out I’m not morbidly obese, but I’ve got a pretty nice rack!

So I set some goals and we went about setting up a plan to achieve them in a realistic, lifestyle change way.  So I am hoping that I can manage to do them.  I don’t want to look like that fat guy in my dream!

peace, cake and waffles,