Love Vs Politics

I think both liberal and conservative Christians focus way too much on politics. If we put the same amount of effort into advancing the kingdom of God as we do advancing dying kingdoms like America, the world would be much better for it. Imagine what we could do if we were united in love instead of divided by D’s and R’s.

The love of Christ is rarely, if ever, shown through politics. Instead it is shown through His followers simply loving people. Guess what? That includes loving people that don’t agree with you or that sin differently than you do. Instead of being at each others throats in a public display of politically charged vomit, we ought to be focusing on loving people into the kingdom of God. Jesus accepted us all right where we are when He went to the cross. Our job is to love and serve people and the Holy Spirit’s job is to convict the sins of the heart.

I admit that my tendency has been to be quite politically charged. But over the past year, I believe God has been dealing with me about my misguided focus. So I try to ignore all the politics from everyone now. It is just a source of division which does nothing to advance the kingdom of God or my walk with Jesus. If anything, it’s a crafty tool of the enemy to distract and divide us. If we are honest with ourselves, politics just make us angry and resentful towards those on ‘the other side’. Why foster that every day? I want my heart to learn to be willing to love each and every time God presents me with an opportunity to do so. When I’m not focused on love, I miss the mark every time.

A good example is serving homeless people. My church has a homeless ministry that I refused to participate in for quite a while (you can read about my first time here). I reasoned that I work hard every day for my money and these suckers should get a job and work as I have to. Why should I take care of them when they won’t take care of themselves? When I finally got to a place where I understood that Jesus WANTED us to feed the hungry, I decided to go. But I went only because I thought I had to go. It was the obedient thing to do. I got in the van and forgot to bring any love. But that evening didn’t end before Jesus introduced me to His love. All of my prejudgments went away when I realized that it didn’t matter how or why these people were homeless. It just mattered that they were. Jesus wasn’t worried about the path that led us to be lost sinners. It just mattered that we are. And praise be to Him that He was willing to do something about it.

America will die just like every other kingdom has. But the kingdom of God is forever. I’ll pray for the US Government, pay my taxes and root for the US Olympic team (Go TJ Oshie, David Backes and Kevin Shattenkirk!). But that’s about the extent of my labor for the kingdom of America. Remember when the Pharisees tried to trap Jesus about taxes paid to Caesar? I was thinking about that this morning. Jesus is the Son of God. If I’m Jesus, I am probably thinking “Screw Caesar! I am God!” But Jesus didn’t do that. He said to render unto Caesar what is Caesar and to God what is God’s. The humility He showed during His time on earth is astounding and it should be an example for us all.  Just take some time to think about how you might have thought of political and religious leaders of the time if you were Christ on earth.  I know I wouldn’t have been humble.  But I’m still learning how to love.

Why do we need to attack one another over political issues? Why do we drag the name of Christ through the mud by all the political viciousness that persists on both sides these days in America? Because we have been lied to and we bought into it. We genuinely think that we are doing the right things in our hearts when we support various political issues. But is it more important to change laws or change hearts? Jesus was clearly in the heart changing business. I am trying to think of how many protests that Jesus marched in… oh yeah… none. His message was simple. Love the Lord your God with all you heart and love your neighbor as yourself. The only time that He was angry was when He dealt with the Pharisees. I fear that we have become the modern day Pharisees and I don’t want to see His anger.

I believe we ought to focus more on love, Jesus and the kingdom of God and less on America and politics.

PS – I know my readers will think I am a broken record, but I think The Shack should be read by every Believer who wants insight into the heart of God and the power of His love.