A Dream (A Repost)

This is another blog entry from MySpace that I wrote in 2009.  Thought I’d re-post it here.

I dreamed I was at the concert of the world. Bono and the boys were playing their tunes. I stood off to the side leaning on a fence and watching the performance. A man with a beard and a cart came up next to me. He was a prophet. He spoke about things to come and the spirit behind the movement. I listened to him, but I had heard him before… A long time ago, before he had a beard… On a day that I first believed.

The prophet moved on and the space around me was empty. I stood in it and enjoyed the solitude as I admired the band. Shortly, a man approached. He wore a long, raggedy coat and an enthusiastic smile. He greeted me and asked if he could share my fence. I gave him room and he told me that he had just met the prophet. Everything in his life had come to this point and he came to believe. His joy was evident.

He asked me what he should do next. I paused a moment and watched the band a little more. Turning to him, I began to tell him the answer. But my emotions welled up within and I couldn’t speak. I held my finger up, asking him for a moment. I tried to collect myself, but I was filled with such a deep sorrow that I just couldn’t. I tried to say it anyway… “The first thing….” Tears fell and I tried to choke them back… “The first thing you must do…” Another moment… and then I forced it out… “The first thing you must always do… is guard your innocence…”

I realized that mine had been forfeit long ago. Even though I had come to believe, I had not protected my innocence. And sorrow remained until the dream ended…