What Happened At The Lodge? (a dream)

This was a disturbing dream that I had last night.  Those who know me or have read some of my writings may recall that I occasionally have intense dreams that involve death or loss.  This was not too unlike those.  But here we are…

In my dream, I had somehow acquired a very nice RV.  My companion and I (she was either unidentified in the dream or I do not remember who she was) were traveling the country in this RV stopping at sites along the way.  We had reached a mountain range and the weather had turned decidedly cold and snowy.  I pulled the beastly vehicle into the first place that had RV parking.  It was a lodge, tucked away into the mountainside.  Honestly, it was picturesque.

In the parking lot, another RV was just parking.  It had snow covering the roof and had approached from the opposite direction.  The owners saw us and began to make small talk.  Evidently RV owners have a similar comradery as motorcyclists.  They were a very pleasant couple about my age who were traveling the country but coming from the opposite direction.  We all grabbed our bags and made for the door, chattering as we went. 

The front doors were large and wooden.  To their right were gigantic windows where you could see the large dining room and a massive fireplace.  It was then that a few familiar faces caught my eye.  Walking up to a table in the dining room were a couple and their mother.  Marsha and Dirk were married and their mother/mother-in-law, Theresa was with them. 

The four of us bustled through the doors and breathed out sighs of relief as the fire’s warmth hit us.  My companion made for the desk to check in with our new friends.  I made a beeline to Marsha, Dirk and Theresa. 

I was greeted with…  well…  ice.  Marsha said a short and terse hello without eye contact while Dirk just glared at me.  To be fair, Theresa seemed happy at the surprise and took the opportunity to ask me a whole bunch of questions about my life, my companion and my friends at the front desk.  We said our ‘see-you-laters’ and I rejoined the group at the desk. 

Luckily, the lodge had a few vacancies.  Our room were not close to our new friends, but we agreed to meet up later that evening in the dining room.  After settling into our room, my companion began to read the brochure that the lodge left on the nightstand between beds.  “Hey!” she exclaimed happily.  “They have a hill for skiing in the back.  It’s only $25 per person.  Let’s go!”

So off we went.  The hill was an old abandoned, narrow road that was covered with packed snow.  We put on the rented ski equipment and went to stand in line.  Only, there was no line.  My companion went first and disappeared down the hillside.  I waited about five minutes for her to reach a safe distance ahead.  It was my turn.  At this point, all the colors of the dream turned to black and red.  It was as though I was looking through some strange photo filter.  Nonetheless, I took my turn down the hill.  Of course, I wiped out and lost a ski.  I’d have to pay for that.  Fortunately, I found it and made several more passes with minimal falling.  I guess our timing was just off because I kept missing my companion at the launch line (which had begun forming now).  After about ten passes, I decided to call it a day.  My companion would probably be back in the room or at least she would eventually. 

I made my way back to the room and gingerly got into the shower (my leg still hurt a bit from the wipeout).  I was nearly finished showering when the bathroom door slammed open, and the lodge manager walked in and stepped aside to allow three police officers and a guy in a suit to enter.  The dream world returned to normal colors again.

I was supervised as I dressed.  The suited man told the police to wait outside and pointed me to the couch.  I took my seat and looked up at him.  He was tall and very thin with a receding hairline and upper front teeth that stuck out nearly past his lips.  And he was dramatic.

Maybe eccentric was a better word.  He began to question me about what I was thinking when I cut them up.  Why did I paint the symbol on the wall?  What was I trying to say?  But he didn’t ask these questions like a detective.  He asked them as though he was in a trance, with elaborate, sweeping hand motions like some kind of actor in a musical.  He would get uncomfortably close to me with each question mark of each question. 

I was confused.  What was he talking about?  He called for the police to put me in hand cuffs, and we made our way down the hall.  We arrived at a closed door (one of the guest rooms) and he positioned me in the doorway.  He reached around me and turned the knob while simultaneously shoving me into the room.  “What is the meaning of this?” he yelled out in that strange trance-like manner. 

I looked around the room and grew sick.  There was literally blood everywhere.  The carpets were stained with it.  It was splattered all along the walls and the beds.  And there on the back wall was a large upside down cross smeared by a bare hand.  I felt as though I would sick up.  I drew my eyes downward, towards the floor.  I knew I shouldn’t.  I did not want to see what I knew was going to be there. 

But to my astonishment, there was nothing there.  No bodies.  Nothing but the blood pools. 

I was escorted back to my room and placed under guard.  The suited man began to explain to me that they had reviewed the security camera footage and we were the last people to see the victims. 

The victims were our RV friends!?  Wait!  Where was my companion?  Were they keeping her in another room for questioning?  The suited man was uninterested in answering any of my questions.  So, he turned and left. 

I was brought food after an hour or so.  Soon after that, the suited man reappeared.  This time, he began to ask me questions about Marsha and Dirk.  How did I know them?  I explained that I hadn’t seen them in years and that it was a crazy coincidence that I saw them here, so far from where they live.  I also told him about the icy reception I got from them.  After some time, he slowly got up and looked down at me.  There was disappointment in his eyes.  “I don’t believe that you had anything to do with these murders” he said finally.  “Our fingerprint analysis in the blood on the wall is a match for Dirk.  We believe that he plotted this as some sort of demented punishment of his wife for past relationships.”  He said the latter with a distinctive look aimed at me.  “She and the mother will be held until we can be sure they are clear.  As for you…  Please do not leave the lodge until I release you.  You may enjoy it’s amenities but stay on the grounds.”  With that, he turned and walked out.

A woman had been walking the halls.  I had seen her several times throughout the dream.  In real life she is Chris (my old boss from One Way).  In the waking world she was a Believer who had passed away several years ago.  In the dream, well, she was also dead but somehow still graced the lodge.

I got in the elevator to go down to the dining room.  Chris was already in there.  We knew each other.  I looked at her and decided to ask her the question that many Believers would ask…  What is heaven like, Chris? 

She turned to me and her face was visibly formulating thoughts and words.  Her brow furrowed and then released.  She started to speak and stopped…  several times.  And all I got as an answer was an almost questioning…  “Well…”

I, too, began to wander the halls.  I wondered about the depravity of mankind.  I wondered about the hatred that could do what was done.  I wondered about heaven.  I wondered about my companion.  Was she also a victim?  Was I?

Finally, I came upon a woman in a business suit who worked for the lodge.  She said that she had a work order for me to complete some IT tasks.  With that, I disappeared down the hallway with her.