The Death of a Child

2012 has known so much tragedy. Our country has been cut open and bled out with these massacres by James Holmes and Adam Lanza. The loss of life is both horrific and senseless.

I wrote about Sandy Hook in a previous blog. We are all trying to understand. The ripples have swept across the nation to every ear that hears the details. These were children. This is what makes rationalizing it so difficult. How do we find any logic in senseless killing of the truly innocent?

In both of these massacres we see questions being raised about the shooters’ mental health. Maybe that helps us come to terms with this a bit. Maybe that brings some ‘sense’ to the senselessness. It certainly does nothing to close the wound. No, only love and time can begin to do that.

Perhaps it’s not fair or right, but we have always placed so much more weight on the death of a child over that of an adult. Their whole lives are in front of them. They are the very picture of innocence. They have not grown up and harmed others as we adults all have.  There really is so little comfort in the death of a child.

Barrack Obama said “We can’t tolerate this anymore. These tragedies must end. And to end them, we must change.” We MUST change.

I bring up Mr. Obama’s quote for a very specific reason. The death of a child is a great tragedy. That death can be in Connecticut, Colorado or Pakistan. We MUST change. Did you know that President Bush began ordering drone air strikes in Pakistan eight years ago to target terrorists? In one such drone attack in 2006, up to 69 children were killed. President Obama has actually stepped up the drone attacks targeting foot soldiers instead of just high target terrorists.

We need to change. I understand the need for the security of our nation. But I do not understand how a man can shed tears at a vigil for Sandy Hook victims while ordering drone strikes that have killed children in another country. Find another way to achieve security.

The average American doesn’t completely understand why we are hated in so many places around the world. Maybe things like these drone strikes begin to paint the picture.  Or are you buying the Government’s excuse of “they hate us because of our freedom”? I do not believe for a second that any American wants to be associated with the killing of children ANYWHERE.

If you have a moment, read this article by George Monbiot of the UK Guardian.  I am sorry to turn this into a political rant, but as Americans we must not allow our Government to victimize children abroad.  We must hold them accountable or we become complicit.