Spring and Apologies and My PHI

It’s spring time and I love it!  That means it’s nearly hockey playoff time, it’s baseball season, it’s time to make trips to the wineries and it’s time for the Zyrtec!  Well it all can’t be roses!

Sorry for my lack of writing lately.  I’ve been dealing with a host of health issues lately and after several years of avoiding the doctor, I’ve decided that the ‘manly’ thing wasn’t working out.  Needless to say, I’ve already met my health insurance deductible for 2013…

One of my main, frustrating issues is that over the past two months, I get very light headed and shaky.  Especially in the morning when I wake up and in the afternoon.  So I began to worry about diabetes.

As the story goes, in 2010 I went to the doctor and they did blood work to check cholesterol etc.  I had to fast the night as normal and show up first thing in the morning.  Two short hours later, they called and told me to come right back in because my fasting blood sugar was high.  So I went back and they did the A1C test to check my blood sugar history over the past three months.  It was also high.

The doctor told me I was ‘pre-diabetic’ and to see a nutritionist and lose weight.  I did those things.  I lost 60 pounds in about four months by doing the Isagenix diet.  I felt great.  So I went back to the doctor and he ordered more blood work.  My sugar levels did go down, but not enough.  He encouraged me to continue my diet and see him in a few more months.

During those next few months, I continued the diet and the regular gym visits.  But I suffered a groin injury and had to cease the cardio activity for a while.  After several months, the injury had not healed completely and I was gaining weight…  I wound up gaining 20 pounds back over the next four months.

Because of the weight gain, I was afraid to go back to the doctor and have my blood work done again.  So I did what every good man does and avoided the doctor.

By January of 2012, I got better and resumed my gym activities.  That is until I felt a nasty pop in my shoulder.  The pain was terrible.  I could barely put my arm into a sleeve.  I continued doing just cardio, but had to give up all weight training.  I also continued to avoid the doctor…  I was afraid of what might be wrong with the shoulder so I figured that I would wait a while.  Plus, I am not diabetic if I do not go to the doctor!  At least that’s what I thought.

I made it through 2012 with no weight gain, but no significant loss either.  But as January 2013 rolled around, I began to think something must be wrong with this shoulder since it hasn’t healed itself in a year.  That coupled with continuously sore lower back (injured in 1992 unloading Bibles at One Way Bookshop’s warehouse) prompted me to go see an Orthopedic doctor.

This doctor ordered a ton of x-rays and decides to do a steroid shot in the shoulder before exploring anything further.  Then came the catch…  We had to find out if I am diabetic before getting the shot as it spikes the blood sugar and lasts for like three months.  Great…

So with great reluctance, I resigned myself to seeing the doctor that I’ve managed to avoid for three years now.  Of course he orders the jumbo pack of blood work to be done.  I can be a glass half empty person a lot, so I prepared myself mentally for the life of a diabetic.  The test results came back and they called the very next day.  Everything was normal.  Blood sugar, A1C…  everything!  I was so amazed.  I had to call every one of my friends and family who were praying for me!  Three years of anxiety was lifted from me that moment! Now I still we still have to figure out the shakiness and light-headedness.  But at least I am not diabetic!

I took that info back to the Orthopedic and he gave me the shot in the shoulder and sent me for an MRI on the back.  The shoulder is SO much better now.  I hope it lasts.  The MRI showed that I have narrowing of the disk in my lowest disk.  He said that this happens as we age, but it’s way too advanced for my age.  So to start, I will be getting an epidural steroid shot in the back on Friday.  I am hoping for some relief because I’ve had back pain for 20 years.  The other option is a fusion…  I don’t like the sound of that one bit.

So I solicit your prayers for this old carcass of mine.  As my dad likes to say, “Getting old isn’t for sissies”.

So there you have my protected health information and my apology.  Now for Spring.  We all love Spring because it represents the end of the cold, dead winter.  The temperatures rise, the plants return and the wineries stay open later!

Despite the allergy grief, I love Spring almost as much as I love Autumn.  We get to go outdoors and enjoy nature again without freezing in the winter or your face melting off in the summer.  I’m a big fan of mini road trips and I particularly love to take a lot of pictures when I’m out.  This marks the new season of inspiration.  And I just bought another new camera to try out!

I hope you all plan to enjoy the Spring!  Thanks for reading this blog.  I know it kind of reads like I dumped out an old drawer of junk on a table, but it felt alright this time!

PS – Check out my new favorite artist Jack Savoretti.  He has an album called “Between the Minds” and it’s absolutely fantastic!