My Pictures Are Now For Sale As Prints

Over the past few years many of you have asked where prints of my photography can be purchased.  While it has been both humbling and flattering, I haven’t quite found the confidence to put my work up for sale.

I am just an amateur photographer.  I love taking pictures of things that catch my eye.  My education level in the field of photography is nil.  I feel like I have a decent eye, but I also feel like I need more knowledge to help increase my confidence.  Several of my friends are professional photographers and I am a little shy about them looking at my work.

Nevertheless, after several discussions with my Mom and even my Dad, I have decided to put some of the pictures up for purchase.  They are available in many sizes and options ranging from art prints to canvas’ to photos.  You can also choose gallery frame, block frames or no frame at all.  I hope my art brings a little something to your home, office or dartboard!

The link to the store is  There are several pages of my photos to choose from.

One more thing while I’m writing.  My band, Sombrance, has released two Christmas singles (We Three Kings, What Child Is This).  They are 99 cents apiece and available on iTunes and Amazon (and other places).  For more info, visit the official Sombrance website at