Honor And Respect For Our Veterans

It is true.  I am a cynical person.  When it comes to the last decade or so of the United States Government, I find myself more and more disconnected with patriotism and pride in the American way.  But today is one of those special days where we lay aside politics. Today we honor our veterans.

These men and women signed up to serve this country because they believed in the heart and soul of America.  They believed in something bigger than themselves.  They served under presidents that they may or may not have voted for.  They served us despite policies they may not agree with.  They went to the wall on our behalf even when bad Government choices were heaped upon THEIR shoulders by low information protesters.

These men and women deserve our honor and respect.  They are not Barack Obama, George W Bush or Richard Nixon.  No, they are our brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, parents, grandparents and friends.  They are the ones who have said yes, I will fight for this country when she needs me.

It is fine to oppose the wars we have waged recently.  In fact, it is “American” that we have that right.  But my cynicism does not place the responsibility of those decisions on our veterans.  That is on the hands of the Government.

I honor the veterans of this country for standing up when I would not.  I honor them for being willing to defend my right to protest the Government on this blog.  I respect them for making choices because they believe in the heart and soul of this country.  I respect them because I personally could not serve under this president, but these men and women see something bigger than corrupt presidents and Government officials.  They see a country that is still mostly free and absolutely worth fighting for.

So today I honor the veterans.  Thank you for your service.  Thank you for what you have done every day, even when we are completely unaware of it.  Thank you all!

I want to particularly recognize the veterans in my family and thank them for their example.  These are men that I’m proud to look up to.

Clyde E Watt – SGT, USA Airforce (World War II)
Richard C Mester – CPL, US Army Air Corps (World War II)
Lee Jones Jr – SI, US Navy (World War II)
Dale C Mester – E4 Petty Officer, US Navy (Vietnam)