God came to my room last night.  He stood near my bed and asked me, “My son, what is it that you want?” 

A list began to form in my head.  One by one items fell onto the list.  I thought about my health, my career, my home and my future.   

Then I thought of Solomon who, when asked a similar question by God, requested wisdom over material things.  And so my self-made piety rose up and searched for something that might impress God.    

But as I looked upon this God standing in my room, I was filled with the overwhelming sense of genuine care emanating from Him.  He had, indeed called me His son.  My soul longed to reach for Him..  to cry out Abba, Daddy.   

I saw my list and it immediately broke down one simple item…. Fear.  All these things bore the common theme of fear. I knew right then what it was I wanted. 

So I asked Him.  “Father, I don’t want to be afraid.”

My Father took one step and gathered me into His arms.  The arms that stretched out the very universe and created everything, cradled my seemingly insignificant little soul with a furious and focused love. 

Then He spoke.  Like a quiet, distant rumble of thunder, His voice filled my ears, then my mind and finally, my heart.  “Oh, my son, you’ve never had to be afraid.”